The Privacy policy here states all the data that will be stored of the user and how it is perceived. The first and foremost policy we follow is to protecting the privacy of our users. 

The website uses log files. It is a usual procedure that mostly every website follows. Log files can be defined as the files which hold or store the details about the users. The data stored through these files generally include IP address, browser information, ISP, date and time of visit, landing or exit pages, and possibly the number of clicks.  

Any of this information doesn’t link to data or information which can harm or link to any personally connecting data. This information is maintained for data analyzing, trend evaluation, demographic effect through user consistency and use of the website, etc. 


The website uses cookies, and for better user experience, visitors are encouraged to allow these when asked. The cookies help in figuring the user’s choice and maintains the website customize their page content according to the user’s system specifications. 

Third-Party Privacy Policy

To provide more and enough information to our visitors, we have included links that may or may not take you to some other websites. The information displayed or quoted by these third parties is their perception, and we do not hold any responsibility for it. 

These third-party websites have their clearly stated and wisely thought privacy guidelines, and we cannot be held accountable for it. The visitor can disable cookies through their browser settings. 


When you visit our website, you agree to our privacy policies and Terms & Conditions. 

Online Privacy Guidelines

The guidelines stated here apply to the website and the data collected through the same. It does not apply to any of the data accumulated offline or sources other than this site. 

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